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• Chairman of the Board Guo Jiadi has served as a member of the Committee of CPPCC
• Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC
• Fujian Provincial Standing Committee of the CPPCC
• Vice Chairman of the Fujian Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Association
• the Director of Chinese Overseas Friendship Committee
• President of the Hung Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
• Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Fujian Society
• Vice Director of Economic Commission of China Overseas Friendship Committee
• Director of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s Culture and Exchange Center

"Going out" and "bringing in". Thousands of years ago, Chinese pioneers traveled long and far to establish trade relationships with the West along the Silk Road. Goods, riches and an endless stream of information were exchanged. Under the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, this deep-rooted history of cultural communication and trade will continue to thrive.

Guo Shi Group is a diversified enterprise engaged in multiple areas of business: real estate development, construction, property management, trade, investment, chemical, and footwear. It has over 4,000 employees. The subsidaries are distributed in Europe, the United States, Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian, Shanxi, Jilin, etc.

Guo Shi has achieved such remarkable results, and I wish to thank the executives at all levels for their support. As a successful enterprise, we always keep in mind our social responsibilities. Since 1999, Guoshi has donated over 100 million RMB for charitable causes.

Over the years, we have done our best to uphold our values of integrity, dedication, efficiency, and innovation. Our values define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of our global organization. They guide our actions and behavior. They influence the way we work with each other, and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities. It is a result of our dedication to these values that has brought us continued success.

We hope to keep contributing to society through the creation of jobs and promotion of the national economy. In the upcoming year, we look forward to new challenges and opportunities in our strive for excellence.