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  • -Guo Shi's values -

    • People oriented, create family enterprise.

    • Honest and faithful, make friends extensively.

    • Beyond oneself, study and keep up with time.

    • Continous innovation, make value in success.

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    -Vision & mission -

    • Establish longevity Guo Shi Group, create sustained business.

    • Stay strong and dedicated.

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    -Core characteristics -

    • Teamwork, Innovation, Efficiency, Pursue excellence.

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    -Management philosophy -

    • Balance limited Resources, create unlimited value.

As the heart and soul of Guo Shi Group, everything Mr. Guo Jiadi says and does is a reflection of the core values of Guo Shi Group’s corporate culture. And thus Mr. Guo Jiadi always leads by example.

Corporate citizens must bear social responsibilities. It is necessary to have a shared vision in corporate social responsibilities with the upstream and downstream partners. It is also crucial for corporates to share their learning and stories to encourage everyone to be socially responsible. Guo Shi Group strives to be a socially responsible corporate by promoting a happy positive work environment and creating a cross learning and sharing platform so that employees attain achievements and honor. It focuses on team cohesion and positive energy, and strives to create an inclusive culture.