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Shanxi Aibang Property Management Co., Ltd.

Guo Shi Group's subsidiary Shanxi Aibang Property Management Co., Ltd. has a national first class property management qualification. It set up a team with high standards in accordance to a market-oriented professional management model, with independent accounting and standardized operational management mechanisms, making management more improved and sophisticated. It has become one of the largest property management companies in Baoji servicing the largest total area in the most number of categories. It covers a variety of property types such as multi-storey residentials, high-rise residentials, office buildings and large shopping malls, hotels and schools. In 2016, the company won the "2016 Chinese property management enterprise brand value Top 50".

Fujian Xingbang Property Management Co., Ltd.

Fujian Xingbang Property Management Company (hereinafter referred to as Xingbang Property Co., Ltd.) established in 18th August 2003, which is part of the Guoshi Investment Group Co., Ltd., was a professional Property Management Company and capital registered ¥3,000,000,00. It has successfully managed many projects such as Fengdanbailu, Kaixuanfengdan, Yundingfengdan (Putian City), Mulanfengdan (Putian City) etc. Fujian Xingbang Property Management Company will be in line with the construction of high starting point, high standard management, the principle of high level service, for the property services by specialization and integration management. It has achieved enterprise management of level 2 certificate in Sep. 2015.

Since Xingbang Property Co., Ltd. established, the company holds the operation concepts of human-oriented as well as service aiming, perfect service system and high qualified elite team always dedicated to providing convenient, efficient and qualified service for our owner.
Quality policy: high efficiency, perfect management, good quality, strive for perfection.
Enterprise spirit: teamwork, continuous improvement, increase revenue, stable development.
Service concept: diligent, refinement, excellent service, beyond owner’s expectation.
Service aim: people-oriented, provide thoughtful service, create a warm and harmonious community.
Development goal: Create an elite team with high quality property management and establish a set of perfect service system to provide convenient, efficient and qualified service for our owner.