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Guo Shi's values are rooted in China's humanistic spirit, sparing no effort to promote gratitude to the motherland, nurturing the community, benefiting of the homeland. This is particularly reflected in the Chairman of the Board of Directors Guo Jiadi's charitable acts.

Mr. Guo Jiadi has a deep love for China. As a patriotic overseas Chinese, in the wake of the 1997 Hong Kong and 1999 Macau return to China, he celebrated in spirit and chartered a plane to fly congratulatory streamers across the skies of Hungary.

Mr. Guo Jiadi is attached to the importance of education. Since 1999, he has sponsored more than 60 students from the Hope Project Schools and has helped send underprivileged students to university. He has also donated seven Hope Schools in poverty-stricken areas, and built the City Sports Center in Putian, Xinghua University to stimulate the education sector in his hometown.

In 2010, Sandi Real Estate invested 30 million RMB to build the Sandi Primary School in Baoji, Shaanxi alongside the Jintai district government. The company continues to award grants for outstanding students and teachers in an effort to improve the quality and level of education annually. Nearby, the Sandi Middle School recently topped off on September 1, 2017 and welcomes the relocation of one of Jintai, Baoji’s most consistently top ranking middle schools. The middle school is situated on approximately 70 mu with a total project cost of 80 million RMB and features new classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria, outdoor playground and running track among its 23,000 square meters. The school can accommodate up to 60 classrooms and 29 department offices for roughly 3,000 students. Upon its completion, Sandi Middle School will become a key institution in Jintai district’s educational plan, provide much needed classroom space to the local community and offer a far-reaching impact to promote regional educational development. In addition to building schools, Sandi Real Estate has consistently donated over 500,000 RMB since 2012 as part of its “enterprise-village partnership”.

Mr. Guo Jiadi believes strongly in giving back. During his career, he’s generously supported the Jintai Charity Association, Baoji Welfare Fund for the Disabled, donated more than 400,000 RMB to the Wenchuan earthquake relief, three million RMB to the Wei River redevelopment project, two million RMB to flood relief, one million RMB to a Putain fire relief as well as 4.39 million RMB worth of footwear and other necessities donated to the needy in impoverished areas.

Mr. Guo Jiadi was awarded the title "Top 10 Red Cross Charity People in Fujian Province” by Fujian Provincial People's Government, "Fujian Business Building Hercynian Outstanding Contribution Award", "Fujian Red Cross Humanitarian Relief", "Fujian Overseas Chinese", "Compassionate Public Service Outstanding Contribution Award “ and other such humanitarian honors.