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China's top 100 real estate enterprises powerful player - Sandi Real Estate, with many years of Europe and the United States’ real estate operations experience and international team resources, keeps "international vision and quality at the core of its development philosophy to develop quality projects in Xi'an, Fuzhou, Shanghai and other cities. It leads the market in high-end residential, hotels, Grade A office buildings, commercial real estate, and wellness real estate. The Sandi Real Estate name has quickly become a national top-tier brand.

Shanghai 上海



Sandi Manhattan

Sandi Manhattan is located in the heart of Songjiang Shanghai International Eco-Business Park. It contains two five-star hotels, five service apartments, four commercial complexes and two commercial skyscrapers. It strives to provide an international standard multi-functional space for its end users. In the fierce competition with some of the biggest first-tier national developers, Sandi Manhattan stood out with its stunning architecture and high commitment to quality, which signifies Sandi Estate’s competitive edge as an industry leader.

Baoji 宝鸡

Sandi Jinyu Center

With the Sandi-developed 30 mu California Park to its East, Daijiawan Ecological Park to the north, Baoji City Hall to the west and the Wei River Wetlands to the south, Sandi Jinyu Center is centered in a multidimensional ecosystem. The property’s first phase features a 20,000 m2 central garden and a two-kilometer long running track, true to the property’s goal of promoting healthy living. Other amenities located just minutes away include the Maccalline Furniture Center, San Di Plaza, and Ramada Hotel, all developed by Sandi Real Estate. Opening its doors on November 29, 2014, the Macalline Furniture Center, together with the Xin Guansen House Furniture Center, comprise Baoji’s largest furniture and homebuilding supplies market. The San Di Plaza, opened January 1, 2016, features a department store, Trust Mart, Chong Yuan Tang health club, Danceland Fitness, Jin Yi Cinemas, Leboland, a food court and safari-themed restaurant.

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Sandi New Century City

Sandi New Century City, adjacent to the Baoji Administrative Center, is situated in the center of Baoji’s administrative zone. The district is home to various convention, business and administrative centers. The property covers an area of 1,095 mu, with 1.7 million m2 of gross building area that also features a 300,000 m2 retail center. Sandi New Century City consists of more than 15,000 units and a green-space ratio of 35%. As Baoji’s first large scale residential development, the multiphase property’s European-style architecture introduces a touch of luxury to the city’s development.

Xian 西安_www.33138.com

Sandi Qujiang Xiang Song Feng Dan

Sandi Qujiang Xiang Song Feng Dan is the company’s first foray in Xi’an. The property is uniquely located within the boundaries of Qujiang Phase I and II, giving it benefit of access to amenities in both phases. It is minutes away by car from many of Xian’s cultural sites and tourist destinations. With its advantageous location and neighboring amenities, Sandi Qujiang Xiang Song Feng Dan benefits immensely from Qujiang’s future development.

Jilin 吉林

First International Square

Jilin First International Square is located in Changyi District, with a total land area of about 13 million square meters, and a total construction area of about 400,000 square meters. It is a new business center in Jilin City. "40000 ㎡ building, 90000 ㎡ landscape" adheres the development ideas of Southern part of the country. The First International Square emphasizes on the landscape design between buildings (118 meter width). It invested 40 million yuan to create two hearts, two axis, two rings, eight French themed sports gardens, 6000 square meters central square for jogging, cycling and, recreational activities..

Fuzhou 福州

Sandi South Station No.1

South Station No.1 is located in the eastern part of a new Metro in Fuzhou, Cangshan South. The total construction area is about 100,000 square feet,, consists of four mid to high-rise buildings. The project is divided into A, B regions. A, stands a 14-storey 28-65 ㎡ micro-duplex units, with floor to ceiling height of 5 meters. Pay for one floor and enjoy a free second floor. It can be used for commercial and residential purpose.. Region B consists of hotels, multi-purpose city-line Museum,, themed business centers, and other commercial products. The project is close to Fuzhou South Railway Station. There are many other means of transport including motor cars, high-speed railway, subway and buses.. With subway line one right around the corner, South Station No.1 is a project that offers unlimited potential in the near future.

Sandi Kai Xuan Feng Dan

Sandi Kai Xuan Feng Dan is exceptionally located just south of the Min River and several minutes away from the water. Comprised of three 29 to 37 story neoclassical-style towers, the property offers a 360-degree view of the Fuzhou cityscape. The French architecture-influenced deisgn is the result of a combined effort from Belt Collins (Hong Kong), 3PA Architects (Singapore) and John Chan Design Ltd among others. Units are equipped with a central air system, intelligent monitoring system and solar panels to create a home environment fulfilled with all of life’s modern luxuries.

Sandi Xiang Song Feng Dan

Sandi Xiang Song Feng Dan is located in downtown Fuzhou in the city’s former old town. A rare residential property in a commercially-zoned area, the property is adjacent to two major shopping centers as well as the Baima River. With nearly 130,000 m2 of gross building area, Sandi Xiang Song Feng Dan is also a seldom seen large-scale residential development in the city center. The property is designed in a U-shaped layout to capture views of downtown from every angle, forming a window into the city.

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Sandi Feng Dan Bai Lu

Sandi Fontainebleau was Sandi’s first domestic real estate development property and currently fully occupied. Located in Fuzhou’s Wusi North area, the property is minutes away by car from Gulou Park and the Wusi Rd central business district. The property covers an area of 208 mu, with a total construction area of 20,000 m2 and a building density of 22.3%. Sandi Fontainebleau was developed in three separate phases and includes 1,800 units. The landscape design and architecture was performed by Belt Collins (Hong Kong), upholding the property’s core value of comfort and a high standard of living.

  • 大阳城集团7549Y

Yongtai . Jiang Shan Waterfront

Haixi leisure resort, a heavenly untouched place in Fujian Province surrounded by mountains and hot springs, is the first wellness real estate project of Sandi Estate. The project covers an area of 3800 acres, of which 1500 acres of land can be developed. With China’s rapidly aging population, this project denotes Sandi Real Estate’s foresight in tackling a looming demographic crisis in China.

Sandi Center

The Sandi Federal Building is stands north of the Min River in Fuzhou’s new central business district. With its prime location along the waterfront, the Sandi Federal Building demonstrates Fuzhou’s commitment to becoming a premier economic hub for the Southern China region. Equipped with a five-star hotel and prime office space, the 55-story tower is built to leading international standards to provide tenants with a first class, professional and environmentally-friendly office environment. Standing tall among Fuzhou’s skyline, the Sandi Federal Building is a landmark for both Fuzhou and the entire Southern China Strait economic region.

Putian 莆田_2007.com

Sandi Mountain Villa

Sandi Mountain Villa is located in the scenic mountains of Putian and features a Mediterranean-style design overlooking the city. When complete, Sandi Mountain Villa will become one of Putian’s premier villa communities.

Sandi Yun Ding Feng Dan

Sandi Yun Ding Feng Dan is located across from Putian’s No.2 High School and near the Jiuhua Moutanins as well as Yanshou Creek Park. The property covers a land area of 106 acres and features ten 18 to 32 story residential buildings along with 25,000 m2 of commercial retail. The property is designed in a neoclassical style architecture and landscaping.

Sandi Mu Lan Feng Dan

Sandi Mu Lan Feng Dan is located in Putian’s Chengxiang district on the site of a former sugar factory not far from the Mulan river. In addition to the neighboring natural beauty, the property also has superior access to Xialin Rd nearby, one of the city’s major roads.