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Integrating it's international experience in European and United States property management, Guo Shi Group established Baoji Sandi Business Management Limited, and rapidly penetrated the whole country. Guo Shi Group has a rich portfolio of commercial estate, including Baoji Sandi Commercial Plaza, Baoji Sandi Macalline and Fuzhou Sandi Macalline, which are representative and influential businesses in their local markets. Today, Guo Shi Group successfully operates a number of commercial estates in China, Europe and other places.

Shanghai 上海

Sandi Manhattan

Sandi Manhattan is located in the heart of Songjiang Shanghai International Eco-Business Park. It contains two five-star hotels, five service apartments, four commercial complexes and two commercial skyscrapers. It strives to provide an international standard multi-functional space for its end users. In the fierce competition with some of the biggest first-tier national developers, Sandi Manhattan stood out with its stunning architecture and high commitment to quality, which signifies Sandi Estate’s competitive edge as an industry leader.

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Shanghai Center Square

Shanghai Center Square is located in Shanghai’s Lujiazui financial district, steps away from Shanghai Tower, SWFC and Jinmao Tower, forming a circle of ultra high-rise buildings. Lujiazui is the only nationally designated development zone for finance and trade.
The property will include a conference center, museum, retail, hotel and office space in support of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and provide a world-class international business platform.

Songjiang International Ecological Business Property

The Shanghai Songjiang international ecological business property is located along Songjiang’s Guangfulin and Mukai Road. When fully developed, the area will become a mixed-use hub including office, indoor and outdoor retail surrounding a central park. The property will include about 4,000 m2 of street-level retail, offering residents an abundance of shopping options. All of this will be presented in a glass façade and exterior LED screens, forming one of Songjiang’s most highly anticipated areas.

Baoji 宝鸡

Sandi Ecological Restaurant

The Sandi Ecological Restaurant restaurant opened on December 6, 2015. The interior is designed with plants, mountains and water to evoke a forest-like dining environment. The restaurant offers local Chinese hot-pot and houses more than 100 employees.

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Sandi Jinyi International Cinema

Jinyi Cinema is a franchised movie theater owned by Sandi and formed as part of the two companies’ strategic partnership. The theater, covering 7,000 m2, is located at Sandi Plaza in Baoji’s administrative center for a total investment of over 25 million RMB. The facility can hold an audience of approximately 1,300 people, featuring full-screen views and wide seats to ensure that each viewer has a pleasant experience. Jin Yi Cinemas uses 4K Dolby panoramic audio, SONY-4K projectors, Klipsch speakers as well as an IMAX room. With a doubt, the Sandi Jinyi Cinema is one of Baoji’s premier movie theaters and a crowd-favorite.

Sandi Macalline

Baoji Sandi Macalline is located in the heart of Baoji administrative center. It is near to the municipal government and high-speed railway south station. The total construction area is 60,000 square meters, with nearly 2,000 parking spaces. It is a one-stop shop furniture mall with high-quality building materials, home furnishing and exhibitions.

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Xian 西安

Jilin 吉林



Fuzhou 福州

Sandi Centre

Sandi Centre, a unique development featuring a cutting-edge commercial space, modern retail, a five-star hotel and a helicopter rooftop landing in a single location, located in the north shore of Minjiang River Central Business Center. The 55-storey tower is built abiding international standard for super towers with ultra-high standards of hardware facilities to provide a luxurious and safe experience for end-users. Its unique location, right along the Minjiang River, and cutting-edge architecture design make Sandi Centre the landmark building in Fuzhou.

Sandi Macalline

Fuzhou Sandi Macalline is the epoch-making works of commercial estate of Fuzhou, and the avant-garde home life experience square of Fuzhou by Guoshi Group and Macalline Group. Macalline global home life MALL is situated in the heart of Fuzhou Wanbao business district, with a total construction area of 125,000 square meters. It is a one-stop shop furniture mall selling building materials, furnitures and fixtures. There is also a high-end 3D cinema, a Karaoke entertainment service, extensive restaurant choices and free parking space makes an ideal gathering place for everyone.

Putian 莆田



Sandi international mansion

Sandi international mansion is located in Putian’s administrative district, opposite of City Hall. The high-rise property was designed and constructed in accordance with international five-star standards, encompassing a total building area of nearly 130,000 m2. It includes two towers: a 27-story DoubleTree by Hilton and a 47-story, 160 meter tall condominium building towering over the city.

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