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"Fujian Business Ecological Park", located in Yongtai, Fujian province, is another masterpiece of the Guo Shi Group recently. The proposition is a multi-functional large-scale cultural tourism and leisure project with five-star hotel, Fujian Cultural Museum, exhibition hall, tourism, shopping, leisure, dining and wellness retreat.


The energy prosects is the focus area of Guo Shi Group's research. With 20 years of energy prosects research and practical experience, the goal is to promote the development of the energy prosects in Shanxi Province, by transforming the resource into an economic advantage. By the end of July 2014, this project was named by the National Energy Board as a key construction project for the national CBM prosects. It was also introduced in the Energy Bureau's 2014-2020 "CBM exploration and development action plan". The Ministry of Land and Resources estimated the reserve to be worth no less than 50 billion M3. It is now entering the development and construction phase, it was recently listed as a Shanxi Province key construction project in 2014–2015.