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Late in the last century, Guo Shi (Fujian) Shoes Co., Ltd. was awarded the "99 US International Quality Gold Award" for its product quality, placing its in-house sports and casual shoe brand "SANDIC" on the world stage. The production and sales of "SANDIC" spans the United States, Japan, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Spain, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, the Middle East in over 20 countries.

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In cooperation with ACC, the world’s leading chemical giant headquartered in New York, Guo Shi Group jointly expanded the Chinese market, covering all types of advanced chemical products from plastics, chemicals, coatings to other polymer building materials. In order to expand the Chinese market, with sights on Asia at large, ACC invested more than 10 million US dollars to set up ACC China Group and a sales network throughout the country. ACC China Group's products mainly include three brands: the U.S. registered ”Shadi”, and the Chinese registered “Baltimore", and “Ai Ku” brands.